Wednesday, December 17, 2008


Some things i wanna make clear

1- if you wanna message me for ANYTHING the only way to reach me is through soompi and chatango. sharry on soompi and sharry501 on chatango.

2-The credit list is on my LJ. the only thing that i use for my icons that is not mine are brushes and textures. and the cred are on LJ since i refuse to be making posts about that on more than one place.

3- I DO NOT MAKE ICONS OF ANYTHING OR ANYONE I DO NOT LIKE. So please understand that u can ask me to make twilight or other stuff that does not interest me till the end of time and i wont. I do this for fun and if you enjoy the same things i do them you are more than welcome to steal what i do or ask me about it.

Hehehe now that is out of the way...

loOK AT MY NEW BANNER!! so happy! HYD less than 4 weeks!!! Please everyone who is planning to send something to the cast and crew let me know!! I wanna participate.